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The art to enjoy traditional Swiss and Italian Cuisine

Alfredo is the son of an Italian mother and Swiss father, and his heart has always beaten for both countries. Since early age, his mother has taught him how to prepare authentic Italian Cuisine and from his grandmother he learned how to cook traditional regional Swiss Cuisine. But more important they taught him how to prepare food with love and care. Preparing traditional Swiss and Italian dishes became his passion. This passion he brought with joy years ago to the Swiss Italian Restaurants in Bellwald VS and Weisslingen ZH, Switzerland and later when we came back to the Philippines to the Swiss Italian Restaurant Cordova and recently to the Da Alfredo’s Swiss Italian German Restaurant Malapascua. He continues this tradition by instructing me and our children this family heritance. Since ever we prepare all the dishes in our restaurants, delightfully in front of our guests with the so called Front Cooking Method, with love and great dedication!

At the Swiss Italian Restaurant in Cordova we offer Regional Swiss Cuisine or as we say in Switzerland “Schwiizer Chaes Chuchi” and "Cucina Italiana" or Authentic Italian Cuisine which we prepare only with the best freshest and only with “real” and authentic imported Swiss and Italian ingredients with great dedication, love and care. Another highlight are our Steaks - Alfredo's House Specialties. Alfredo developed years ago a world class method to prepare Steaks, which can compete with the best Steakhouses in the World, using Sous-Vide and High Heat over 800° Celsius to finish at perfection your steak, which will be tasty, juicy and tender. Come and try one of our steaks you will be surprised, for which we only use imported US or Australian "Prime" Beef.

Most of us realized that love and great passion are the best ingredients for a delicious meal and all of us know that eating and drinking is one of the most important things life offers.

Come and visit us in Cordova with your family, friends or business partner, we will be delighted to offer you an enjoyable lunch or dinner, or now, in the NEW NORMAL, you can order your dishes for take-out or delivery (only in Cordova). To place your order click "HERE"..

Lumenaria K. Honegger

Owner Swiss Italian Restaurants

Swiss Italian Restaurant - Swiss Cuisine
Swiss Italian Restaurant -Italian Cuisine

Come and visit us at the Swiss Italian Restaurant Cordova and explore our

Swiss Cuisine / Schwiizer Chaes Chuchi or our authentic Italian Cuisine / Cucina Italiana.

If you have a special wish, let us know and we will be proud to prepare it for you.

All ways to good food lead to the Swiss Italian Restaurant in Cordova, Cebu and to the Da Alfredo's Swiss Italian German Restaurant,
Malapascua, Cebu,Philippines

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