Regionale Schweizer KÜche
Regional Swiss Cuisine

Why to eat at the Swiss Italian Restaurant Traditional Swiss Specialties?

A culinary journey across the Swiss Regions

Come and taste the genuine and sumptuous Regional and the Swiss Cheese Cuisine and enjoy these unique dishes Alfredo has selected and created for you at the Swiss Italian Restaurant.

Switzerland was historically a country of farmers, so traditional, Regional and Swiss Cheese Dishes or as we call in Switzerland “Schwiizer Chaes Chuchi”. All the dishes where prepared with simple ingredients, such as Vegetables, Meat and Cheese like the famouse Swiss Cheese called Gruyère which was nominated beginnig 2020 as the World best Cheese.

The most popular Western dishes of Switzerland are mostly prepared with Cheese and Meat, like the Käseplatte, Walliser Plate, as well as the Fondue and Raclette.

The Northwest and Northeast of Switzerland offer a large variety of Meat Dishes like the Wurst Käse Salat, Chäs Schnitte, Alpenmagronen, Käse Sandwich und Schinken Sandwich and the “Swiss favorite", the Cordon Bleu which is prepared with “Veal” or lean “Porkloin”, stuffed with Swiss Ham and Swiss Cheese, as well as the Sennenrösti a Berner Rösti (with bacon and onions) topped with a grilled Porkloin Steak, Tomatoes and Apple, then over-backed with Swiss mountain cheese and other deliscious regional dishes like the Zürcher Geschnetzeltes mit Rösti and other Regional Swiss Dishes.

But the Swiss Cuisine is also famous for Desserts. One of the known is the Meringues from the region Bern, the Flambierter Apfel from Thurgau and the Apfelstrudel which is comes from the Northwest part of Switzerland and is one of the Swiss favorite Desserts. We also offer special Swiss Coffee, like the Kaffee Luz and Kaffee Fertig, as well as from the south of Switzerland or Italy the Caffe Corretto con Vino Rosso, Grappa, Brandy, Sambuca or Amaretto.

Come and visit us at the Swiss Italian Restaurant and explore our Regional Swiss Cheese Cuisine. If you have a special wish, let us know and we will be proud to prepare it for you.

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Regional Swiss Cuisine


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