from the West to the south

Swiss Cheese Meat Specialties
All our Swiss Cheese Meat Dishes are prepared with aged lean porkloin steaks. The Cordon Bleu we stuff with swiss cheese, swiss ham or other ingredients – see below, they are breaded with egg, flour and breadcrumbs, then pan-fried in sunflower oil. We top them traditionally with lemon wedges. We served them with potatoes (wedges or french fries) and mixed salad or with the mentioned side dish , see Cordon Cini and Cordon Zola.



pork loin medallions, panfried and flamed, topped with tomatoes, apple, herbs, served on a bed of berner rösti, then over backed with swiss gruyere.
Php 690.00


swiss ham, gruyere, herbs & spices
regular Php 590.00


swiss ham, emmental, apples, herbs & spices
regular Php 630.00


swiss ham, gruyere, onions, herbs & spices
regular Php 620.00


swiss ham, gruyere, garlic, herbs & spices
regular Php 610.00


parma ham, italian cheese, garlic, porcini mushrooms, herbs & spices. Served with butter noodles and spinach or broccoli
regular Php 790.00


swiss speck (bacon), gruyere, onions, garlic, chili, herbs & spices
regular Php 650.00


parma ham, emmental, sage & spices
regular Php 680.00


pancetta, gruyere, onions, hebs & spices
regular Php 690.00


swiss speck, raclette cheese, sauerkraut, apple, herbs & spices
regular Php 660.00


swiss speck, gruyere, tomatoes, onions, herbs & spices
regular Php 730.00

! this cordon-bleu is NOT breaded, but over backed with gruyere ! .


parma ham, gorgonzola, garlic, herbs & sices and tomato sauce. Served with spaghetti topped with tomato sauce and broccoli or spinach
regular Php 770.00


Traditional Regional Swiss Meat and Fish Specialties

Switzerland was historically a country of farmers, so traditional, Regional Swiss Dishes are made from simple ingredients, such as Pork, Beef, Potatoes and Vegetables..

The most popular Swiss French dishes are the Bifteck de Bœuf à la Bière (Saftplätzli) and Poisson en Batteuse à la Bière (Fischknusperli) just to mention few of them.

The Northwest and Northeast of Switzerland offer a large variety of Meat Dishes like the “Swiss National Dish”, the Zürcher Geschnetzeltes (thin strips of “Veal” or lean “Porkloin” strips braised with Mushrooms and Cream) served with Rösti or the "SchniPo" Breaded Schnitzel (Pork Steaks) served with French Fries and Salad), as well as the Rindsrouladen (with bacon, gruyere, onions, pickles and bell pepper stuffed beef) served with Rösti. Rösti is the most popular Swiss side dish.

The Swiss Italian Cuisine or the Cuisine from Ticino is particularly known for Ossobuco con Polenta or Risotto, Involtini con Fusilli (Pasta) or Risotto ai Funghi, as well as for Pasta and Pizza - see Italian Cuisine, Grilled Meat like Filetto di Manzo alla Griglia (Tenderloin) and Entrecôte (Sirloin or Ribeye) and the Costine di Maiale alla Griglia (Spareribs), served with Herbed Butter, Potato Wedges, Salad Leaves topped with Chery Tomatoes and Onions - see Steaks "Alfredo's House Specialties.

Beef Tartar

Beef Tartar

minced raw us prime beef prepared with onions, capers, pickles, seasonings, whisky or brandy and a raw egg yolk, garnished with tomatoes, capers, olives, pickles, onion rings and fresh herbs, served with toasted bread and butter
Php 790.00 / 150g

Crevetten Cocktail

Crevetten Cocktail
prawns, green leaf's, homemade cocktail sauce with toasted bread
Php 590.00

Saftplätzli - Bifteck de bœuf à la bière

(Bifteck de bœuf à la bière)
with onion, bacon in beer braised pork loin steaks, served on a bed of boiled potato slices
Php 590.00

Fischknusperli - Poisson en Batteuse à la Bière

(Poisson en Batteuse à la Bière)
fish and chips swiss style. In beer batter fried fish filets, served with sauce tartar, french fries and onion rings
Php 390.00

Zürcher Geschnetzeltes

Zürcher Geschnetzeltes
hand-shredded and pounded pork loin, mushrooms, parsley, deglaze with white wine and cream, served with butter rösti (swiss potato cake)
regular Php 690.00

SchniPo - Schnitzel Pommes Frites

(Schnitzel Pommes Frites)
with flour, egg and bread crumbs breaded lean aged Pork Steaks, served with French Fries and Mixed Salad,
regular Php 590.00


with smoked bacon, gruyere, onions, pickles and bell pepper stuffed beef fillet on a delicate wine rosemary sauce, served with rosted rosemary potatoes cubes and seasonal vegetables
Php 620.00



pan grilled, flambeed pork loin steaks served with a delicious mushroom cream, served with butter noodles and mix vegetables
Php 590.00


may change without prior notice!