Appetizers - Snacks

for the small hunger or in between

Although people do not live from bread alone, in Switzerland people live particularly well from bread, because they like to cover or stuff it with salami, ham, bacon, cheese, vegetables, green leaf’s, pickles and other delicious ingredients.

At the Swiss Italian Restaurant, Alfredo created outstanding appetizers and snacks for the small hunger or in between like the Käse Platte, Walliser Plate, Käse Sandwich, Schinken Käse Sandwich, Wurst Käse Salat, Chäs Schnitte and Älplermagronen Urner Art..

Käse Platte - Antipasti

Käse Platte
different swiss cheeses: gruyere, tilsiter, appenzeller, emmentaler and raclette cheese, pickled onions, pickles, tomatoes, butter and home baked bread
Php 890.00

Walliser Platte - Antipasti

Walliser Platte
cured meats: trockenfleisch, schinken, speck, salami,
cheese: raclette cheese, pickled vegetables and home baked bread
Php 890.00

Käse Sandwich - Antipasti

Käse Sandwich
house bread topped with cheese, salad leaf’s, tomatoes, vegi, pickles
Php 320.00

Schinken Käse Sandwich - Antipasti

Schinken Käse Sandwich
house bread topped with Ham & cheese, salad leaf’s, vegi and pickles
Php 360.00

Wurst Käse Salat - Antipasti

Wurst Käse Salat

green leaf’s, swiss sausage (cervelat), cheese, onion rings, bell peppers, tomatoes, pickles and parsley with a mustard vinaigrette, served with fresh baked bread
Php 490.00

Chäs Schnitte (Croûte au Fromage - Antipasti

Chäs Schnitte (Croûte au Fromage

in white wine-soaked house bread, ham and swiss mountain cheese gratinated and garnished with pickles and pearl onions
Php 420.00
Php 390.00 without ham


Älplermagronen Urner Art - Antipasti

Älplermagronen Urner Art
prepared with macaroni, potatoes, smoked bacon, swiss mountain
cheese and cream, topped with roasted onion rings
Php 490.00
Php 460.00 Vegetarian

Beef Tartar

Beef Tartar

minced raw US Prime Beef prepared with onions, capaers, seasonings, whisky or brandy, and raw egg yolk, served with toasted bread
Php 790.00 / 150g


may change without prior notice!